The best adventures are experienced on the road!

I’m Sergio QUEZADA, I’m 28 years old and my story is only in the beginning.

I’m Sergio Quezada, from Pastaza amazonia Ecuador, I would start by saying that my life has been full of many obstacles, such as intrafamilial adversities like illnesses, hard economic times, but that did not stop my parents to always give me what my sister needed. and me, our parents never made us miss the food at the table and that taught me to value every gram of food that was served, but hey, enough of familiar emotions that will make me want to cry, as I said … My life It was apparently hard and it gave me mental strength to cope with all kinds of problems in a more intelligent way, without falling into despair. My parents always instilled in me that I should invest my time in sports and not only on TV, that’s why I was always in physical activity, I went from soccer player to tennis player, I practiced almost all types of cycling, running and more. Everything was fine until 2010 where, in a brusque way, I stopped doing physical activities, until today I do not understand it but anyway… That’s how it was. In 2014 I started running again but it was because of a way of escaping from my emotional state which had affected me and I was looking to redirect my life… So I started training again with progressive training loads, I started competing for my city and then for other cities.

Already in 2015 when I felt relatively strong, I discovered the triathlon, which changed me completely, from the way I slept, to the way of feeding myself, I began to take some time in this, local races and suddenly I met a Spanish YouTuber called valenti Sanjuan which motivated me to break my comfort zone and start discovering the dreaded ultra distance, in which my debut was, to make a solidary challenge for the children affected in the earthquake in Ecuador in 2016, which led me to travel 240km on foot in 4 days… It was a wonderful experience and very enriching for the soul, after this I started to run through several countries of my continent, being only North America that I need to be, after a few months in 2017 , I won a GAES sports scholarship a Spanish company, which allowed me to run in the so famous and feared, desert of the Sahara … The race called titan desert in 6 days of pure mountain-bike. After this I can say that my soul and life are different, I have discovered that the human body and mind are amazing when working for good. I’ve run through several places in Europe, either on foot or by bicycle and that really makes me even more proud. Since a few years ago, I never even thought about leaving my country, and now look at me… I’m almost around the world and everything through sports. I have done everything and I will continue doing everything to set an example to this new generation of children and Boys of my country and why not say about the world. The best adventures are coming. The Amazon of Ecuador, wait for all the sports world and there I will be, receiving you with a big smile and big hug.

By: Sergio QUEZADA

*This article was  published in the  September – October issue of Marmara Life. 

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