World’s Second-Hand Bazaars

Time and the things it has brought (or has taken away) are the only things that mankind cannot reverse. But having the items from the past is just like traveling to past memories with your photo album. It’s an astounding challenge to time. It has an aspect that stops it partially, makes a shadowy trip to the past.

Whether you want to connect with the past for a reason, or to meet your needs at a more economical price, the Second-Hand Bazaar promises to take you on this journey. In this article, we will take a look at the flea Bazaars from all over the world. Interestingly, the term flea Bazaar means the same in almost every language. Although there are several theories about the origin of the word, it is thought to have its name from the flea Bazaar of “Marche Aux Puces” which was founded in Paris in the 1800s and is still going on. As you can imagine, in Turkish it also means “flea Bazaar”.  At that time maybe there were fleas in some items and clothes, maybe this was just a phrase. Nowadays, some of the flea Bazaars are not only a nostalgic reflection of the past, but also become an antique Bazaar. And apart from being cheap, there are even those which grab attention with their costliness.

Visit whichever Second Hand Bazaar you want; there are two important points to pay attention to, First of all, it is worth to be cautious against the stolen products. At this point, basically, if a new and expensive product, such as a very high-end brand of tablet computers, is sold cheaply, get suspicious. The other and most importantly, if you are going to visit a Second-Hand Bazaar, try to be there early, even if you are only going to visit and see. Because if you are a tourist who is just there to see a different place, a valuable item that you might like, might have already been sold. So it is better to visit any flea Bazaar before 12 noon. Modern life has brought us the mobile phones that were changed every six months and the social media flows that we were captivated and we quickly forgot. For this reason, mankind is longing for more traces of the past. When we buy an old item, rather than meeting a need, we take a memory, a feeling. We are keeping our way home by putting a single shelter in our bag against the rudeness of modern time.

Our Tour Of Exploring World Second-Hand Bazaars Begins From Europe

PARIS, Marche aux Puces
It would be wrong to imagine that the name of Paris will not go beyond any social or commercial activity in the worldThe same is true for Second-Hand Bazaars. Marche aux Puces is the most famous Bazaar in Paris. Its name is called Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen. Like an old Parisian aristocratic lady from past centuries. Even though he is called old, he doesn’t get old. Antiques, exotic objects, books, etc. generously offers all kinds of things, clothes and ornaments you might think of (not in the sense of price of course). Marche aux Puces is also the world’s first Second Hand Bazaar. It is open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. For the Louvre, one of the symbols of Paris, they say that if you travel all day, you cannot finish it. So it is recommended that you spend a few days. Even though Marche aux Puces doesn’t offer the same enormous world, it’s time to take your time. On the good side, there are cafes and buffets to sit and relax and have something to eat or drink when you are tired of wandering around this famous second-hand bazaar. The Bazaar is large and also has a rich amount of varieties. From plaques for collections to military equipment, you’ll be amazed by what you’ll find. Let us note that the Braderie de Lille Second-Hand Bazaar in Lille, Europe’s most gigantic Second-Hand Bazaar, has been canceled due to security concerns in France after the terror incidents.

BERLIN, Mauerpark
In this historic city of Germany, there are many Second-Hand Bazaars. The most famous of them is the one that is set up on Sundays in Mauerpark. Vintage clothing, old plaques, home accessories, you can find almost everything you can think of second-hand bazaar in this green Bazaar, surrounded by nature. There may be a pattern design t-shirt between the things you will encounter, which cannot be found on the Internet or in stores. There is also the possibility of encountering short shows in its mini-amphitheater. With the help of the lawns that you can breathe on when you are tired, you can walk around the whole bazaar taking a rest. If you consider Berlin’s famous cold, please take the Mauerpark to your visit schedule in the summer. So you can explore this outdoor Bazaar area by your heart by enjoying the sun. Once upon a time, it was on the East-West Berlin border. Berlin, which was formerly separate, was said to add sincerity to the distant city of Berlin in this aspect, which seems to merge two parts. Now it is enjoying the freedom of spreading.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find fur hats and country-specific walking sticks among thousands of antiques and used items. It is possible to trace the traces of Hungarian culture on these stalls. Vendors from many countries around the world are also multiplying their product range. Most of the booths are closed outside the weekend although it is open all week. In Budapest, where old buildings challenge time, the Second-Hand Bazaar can bring you products that will surprise you. Like an official uniform from the Soviet era or an old toy. If you need to pay attention to the Ecsari Second-Hand Bazaar, the prices are very variable.  Be careful and tour around by looking for a more affordable price of a similar product.

LONDON, Bermondsey
Bermondsey antique bazaar is a recommended place for tourists visiting London to visit. Unless the weather’s rainy enough to walk out in the open. Visiting the Bermondsey antique bazaar in London, where brick houses and black taxis keep their historic touch alive, like a natural part of living in this city. In particular, tourists are curiously wandering around the bazaar whether they can find a signed poster of an old rock band or a classic piece of London culture. There are Second-Hand Bazaars all over the city in London. In this city, which has one of the largest subway networks in the world, it is not very difficult to go from place to place for a Second-Hand Bazaar or anything else. With its vintage shops and second-hand dealers, which can be seen in many places outside of the Second-Hand Bazaars, London offers different alternatives to those who want to catch the traces of the past. Bermondsey’s Second Hand Bazaar is open on Fridays from 6 am to 14 pm for those who want to discover the spirit of London.

NEW YORK, Brooklyn Second Hand Bazaar (Brooklyn Flea)
The Brooklyn district of New York has many Second-Hand Bazaars to visit and explore. The most ambitious and known of these is the world-famous Brooklyn Second Hand Bazaar. Others are often called by the name of the street where they are built and if you have time, at least a few of them are highly recommended for New York lovers. For example, when you visit Artists & Fleas, you can find stylish, maybe designer clothes and oil paintings. The Brooklyn Second-Hand Bazaar seems to reflect the spirit of New York. You can find everything you are looking for. Even the things that you never looked for. And you can buy it before leaving the Bazaar, by saying “I’m glad that I came here today”.

In Brooklyn Second-Hand Bazaar, you can feel once again that New York is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Among the products, you can find not only the things of an average American that arouses in your mind but an Indian or a Chinese immigrant’s things. It is an interesting experience to go around a Second-Hand Bazaar with the view of the distant skyscrapers. It’s like hidden treasure storage that reminds New York of much more than the statue of liberty and Manhattan. Who knows maybe you may encounter a small but delicious bite from “big apple” in this Second-Hand Bazaar.

Under the sun of Argentina, you will meet a fun Bazaar stretching across San Telmo. The San Telmo district in Buenos Aires has a Second-Hand Bazaar that will not regret stopping by, those who go to this city. In the Bazaar where you travel between the old buildings reflecting the Latin texture of Buenos Aires, you can find very interesting trinkets and souvenirs that cannot be found in a classic shop, and you can even find old puppets and toys among antique items. It is also possible to encounter a painter who presents watercolor paintings. You can also come across a guitar concert or a tango show from street artists. After all, this is Latin America. Life is flowing in all its vitality. Many restaurants scattered in the Bazaar, offer the pleasure of exploring the local cuisine of Argentina. Besides, this Bazaar is famous for those who caught up with the different tastes of its cafes and restaurants on their way to shopping. There will also be paintings, antiques, but most of all, a Latin city and the warmth of its people, will remain in your memories from San Telmo’s crowd.

CASABLANCA, Derb Ghallef
The biggest city of Morocco, known for its classic Casablanca film by the World, has a well-known Second-Hand Bazaar. The only thing you can find in Derb Ghallef is not the ones that represent authentic Moroccan and North African cult. Even more of them, such as DVD movies and souvenirs, you can come across current objects. It is open other days except for Sunday. Both Derb Ghallef and other Bazaars are a significant source of income for the Moroccan economy. This is the case for both new products and Second-Hand Bazaars. Because this mystical North African country is undergoing a heavy tourist flow. Tourists also love to buy the gift of the remote culture when they are breathing in this authentic atmosphere. Keep in mind that you have serious room for negotiation at your shopping tour in Derb Ghallef as country-wide in Morocco. Especially if the atmosphere is crowded, you can continue your shopping and sightseeing tour with the semi-mystical Moroccan atmosphere, paying attention to thieves.

Would you like to browse a few Second-Hand Bazaars from our country?

Feriköy Antique Bazaar
In this Bazaar, in Istanbul Feriköy you can find nice and special pieces close to the antique quality as well as used items that you can find at reasonable prices in accordance with the spirit of Second Hand Bazaars. The prices are above the Second Hand Bazaar figures. Because this is a place that blows up antique Bazaaring with the items on their stalls. Old things and antique dealers from across Turkey also make this Bazaar in Feriköy discoverable. So you’re likely to come across really old porcelain. The Bazaar is a favorite of the intellectuals as well as antique enthusiasts. It’s like a little oasis waiting for art enthusiasts, from old records to books and original movie posters that won’t be easy to find on the internet. It’s open only on Sundays, but it’s a good choice to evaluate the Sunday.

Eminönü, Küçükpazar
The content of the Bazaar opened in the early hours consists of more cheaply used goods. And it is focused on meeting the need economically. Nevertheless, you can also relax with different objects such as a pog from your childhood street games, or a glass vase that is no longer produced. You can recall a lot of items that you have already forgotten about while you are wandering around the bazaar that has an astonishing, rich product range. As it is a region where refugees are heavily located, it is possible to come across a lot of stalls opened by them. These people in the struggle for survival are among the regulars of the Bazaar as both the seller and the buyer. The Küçükpazar Second-Hand Bazaar, located near the Süleymaniye Mosque in Küçükpazar, is actually the continuation of the famous Second-Hand Bazaar established in Topkapı Surdibi in the past years. It is set up on Saturdays.

Şanlıurfa Second-Hand Bazaar
In many corners of Anatolia, unique Second-Hand Bazaars are established. The Second Hand Bazaar in Yenice neighborhood of Eyyübiye district of Şanlıurfa is one of them. The Bazaar established at weekends is mainly preferred for second-hand shopping which offers much more affordable prices than stores. There is no doubt that the Second-Hand Bazaar brings vitality to the economy of the Eyyübiye district. The Bazaar, of which fame has spread to the region, is very active and lively by means of the people coming from both Urfa and surrounding districts. The Bazaar has created a source of economic mobility for low-income families. Electronic goods and many personal items, as well as plastic products,  can be found here. In short, it keeps graceful surprises for those who can see. It is even possible to find vegetables, fruits, and flowers in the Bazaar. Second-hand bazaars are like looking history through a window. Their stories and the surprises they would present to us are inexpressible.  So what will happen in the future? Would you say there would be a Second-Hand Bazaar of second-hand robots, slightly used single placed supersonic flying cars are sold by owners? Who knows, maybe?

I sometimes think that everything in the world, canyons, oceans and seasons has characters.  On this lively planet, the cultural values, works, and cities created by humans are actually alive if you look carefully. At least they have a soul. If I could talk to the Second-Hand Bazaars, I’d say to them: “Please don’t change. Do not turn into expensive ancient Bazaars. Do not turn and that let us experience the happiness of a little trip the time, by buying the past period goods that were discarded by someone with affordable prices. If you are going to visit a Second-Hand Bazaar, as we have already mentioned, set off with the first lights of the day. Remember, the Cinderella of the flea Bazaar leaves at 12 noon.


One man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure
An English proverb says: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This is used in many languages. Because it points to a common truth about man and life.  Not just for the things, it says. It indicates the fact that many things we give up, despise, ignore or could not see has so much power of changing a life, our lives. These abandoned treasures can sometimes be a human, sometimes an idea, sometimes an article. A second-hand object, a piece that is left in the corner, that goes down into the world of the Second-Hand Bazaar, may be a representation of a meaningful moment in which you connect with the past.

The phenomenon of the “Thieves Bazaar”
There are also second-hand Bazaars in the world such as Feira da Ladra in Lisbon, Portugal and the Chor Bazaar in Mumbai, India. Meanwhile, Chor Bazaar really means “thieves Bazaar” in Indian. Second-hand Bazaar in Delhi, India, is also famous for its spoils (stolen properties). There are some Bazaars in the World, like “Cave Creek Thieves Market” in Arizona, even their official names are actually infected with the action of thievery.  In our country, some second-hand Bazaars might be characterized by the “thieves Bazaar” because of the fences (those who sell stolen things) who settles in the specific second-hand Bazaars from time to time.

California, Rose Bowl
In this Bazaar in California Pasadena, you will find interesting things like garden accessories, plants, and jewelry in addition to what you might find in a classic Second-Hand Bazaar. Another good side of the work is that the stands are separated according to the types of sellers. A famous star, architect or artist can be seen in Rose Bowl any time. Because this Second-Hand Bazaar is also close to Los Angeles. If you’re passionate about movies, wouldn’t it be exciting to come across old-fashioned decor pieces? Of course, we have two small problems, such as the necessity of fitting goods that you will carry to your luggage. Entrance is chargeable. And you need to pay extra early if you want to enter early. Also, the Rose Bowl is only open on the second Sunday of each month. Still, it worths taking your chance. Who knows, maybe you can come across an original and signed a poster of an old Hollywood movie.

Tokio, Yoyogi Park Second-Hand Bazaar
The vast majority of second-hand bazaars in Tokio are different from big, rich and multifarious bazaars, which are frequent in Asia, and where new cheap Chinese goods are sold instead of old goods. You can observe here the Asian spirit and parts of Japanese culture. Yoyogi Park Second Hand Bazaar is the most important of them. Going to the second-hand bazaar in Tokio means leaving with cheap souvenirs in one of the most expensive cities in the world. There are around 800 sellers in Yoyogi Park. You can buy here Geisha clothes and kimonos for less. The most enjoyable part of being on the second-hand bazaar in Tokio is the fact that you can spend a good time exploring new details of the colorful Far East Culture.

By: Hakan Sedat Gül / Photos: S.Bahar Alban

*This article was  published in the  March-April issue of Marmara Life. 

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